Niklas Karlsson is a 22-year old multidiciplinary designer from Åhus, Sweden. He specializes in graphic design and has a passion for motion. In the Summer of 2005 Niklas started his studies at Hyper Island (Crew 11), School of New Media Design. A year of modules/courses, focusing on design, tech and management, together with in-depth stidues in design flew by, and Niklas went off on his 7-month-internship which was a part of the education.

He chose to spend his 7-month adventure at award-winning agency "Great Works", at their Barcelona office. Much because there he knew he would be given the responsibilities of a real employee and work accordingly and not just end up as someones "starbucks-guy".
Welcome to the Portfolio of Niklas Karlsson

Creative / Graphic / Motion
If you came here through an external link you might be interested to know that there is also a flash version of my portfolio and you can check it out here
Absolut Fashion Animal - Launch project

Campaignsite for Absolut Vodka Italy and CoSTUME NATIONAL, called Absolut Fashion Animal. My part was designing the interactive section under art direction from Brie Wohler.
Imobile / FC Barcelona -

Imobile wanted to pitch a soccer-themed reality show to FC Barcelona and wanted us to produce it. I was the only creative onboard so, I made a light Identity and graphics + compositionthe for the web.

Scrapbook - Launch project / Launch video

The Great Works (S)crapbook was the result of an internal project to boost our own creativity but also to create something great as a christmas gift for our clients. I did a spread and a motionclip teaser.
Wineme motion - Launch project

The Wineme website needed a motionintro to gracefully explain the concept of Wineme and to show the different steps of the service. I did all the graphics and animation.
Mariestads - Launch project

Mariestads beer needed a facelift for their website. I designed the autumn- and wintercampaign together with Henrik Karlsson with art direction from Simon Svärd.
Posten - Launch project

The Swedish post office wanted to show how efficient and successful their "direct-advertising" was and brought some case to prove it. I did the design with art direction from Ad-agency Åkestam Holst.
Flashbook - Launch project

I had been wanting to try the "pageflip technique" for a long time and also felt the need to get my hands dirty with some flash so I ceased the opportunity and made it a flash photoalbum for my girlfriend.
Milou / Hyper Island / The Timeline Project - Launch project

My last project at HI before heading out on internship. Together with Patrik Blohme I designed and animated a timeline-based community service that could feature any artist/carreer. We chose The Boss.
Farfar / Hyper Island -

Award-winning agency Farfar came to HI for a quick workshop. In groups of three we were handed a client+product and one day to produce and pitch our great concept. We struck gold with this one.
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Creative / Graphic / Motion
If you came here through an external link you might be interested to know that there is also a flash version of my portfolio and you can check it out here
As we all know though, all things must come to an end... even this Great journey with Great Works.
So, as of the November 1, 2007 I am available for full-time employment and are looking for a position as Designer or Assistant-Art Director.


Phone: +46 (0)733 748 889
Mail: hello@niklaskarlsson.net
Niklas Karlsson
Eskadervägen 38
29637 Åhus

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Vibe / Hyper Island -

Together with four talented classmates, I set out to create something great for our Final Project at Hyper Island. Something truly inovative that could fill a need and help people... We created Vibe.
OMX Nordic Exchange - Launch project

OMX wanted to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of their Nordic Exchange with something extra. A total redesign of the OMX Nordic Exchange. I did the design under art direction from Brie Wohler.
Coffeein - Launch project

Coffein wanted to create a campaignsite for all the great bosses out there for providing their employees with great coffee and snacks. I did the video keying and color treatment and also the logo animation.
SenseIT Spot - Launch project

SenseIT wanted to create a character to promote their mobile services and also mention that they were proud sponsors of FC Barcelona. Paco was born. I did the graphics and the post-production.
SenseIT Website - Launch project

SenseIT needed a website to show-off all their fancy mobile content and especially the exclusive FC Barcelona content. I designed the iframe/tip your friend section with art direction from Brie Wohler.
Selecta-Vísion / Comecaminos - Launch project

Selecta-Vísion wanted a friendly campaignsite to promote their childrens program Comecaminos. I did the design together with Henrik Karlsson and also the programming/action scripting of this flash site.
Wineme website - Launch project

Jens of Wineme had come up with a brilliant idea to create a wine subscription service with international wines to be delivered in spain. We produced it. I did the design with art direction from Simon Svärd.
Once again time flew by, the seven months was up and it was time for graduation and employment.

Although he had recieved offers from some prestigious new media agencies around the world even before graduating, he chose to continue his work at the great agency of Great Works.

Working as a multidiciplinary designer with clients like; Absolut Vodka, OMX, Imobile/FC Barcelona, SenseIT, Selecta-Vision, Coffeein, WineMe, Mariestads, Posten and more...